Reply To: VTS URGENT -Change to evidence disclosure process with effect from 1 April 2024


Hi Nick,

That’s assuming the Grievance/Reconsideration has been dealt with in significant depth and detail. It is often very tempting for staff to not want to overturn their own original decision (even more so if it was someone else’s decision) and simply rubber stamp it. It takes a lot more time to ask for more information, more evidence, contact support provides, family, etc, than it does to just say “no new information/evidence provided, decision upheld”. Unfortunately, staff have performance targets so have a lot or pressure on them to make quick (but accurate) decisions. I very often find with a bit more digging and gathering of information, the majority of them can be allowed and it’s often simply a case of crossed wires, misunderstanding, vulnerable appellants, etc. who simply are confused by the system and/or have difficulty understanding what we need and how to get it to us promptly. This new 4 week time limit removes that opportunity for me as an Appeals Officer.