Reply To: VTS URGENT -Change to evidence disclosure process with effect from 1 April 2024

mark beale

We are now receiving CTS appeals post April 2024.

We are being asked for a full submission within four weeks even through we have received no written notice in accordance with S.16. and so no duly made appeal has been made. This shortens the time for the Billing Authority to consider their written notice/appeal, ask for FI and write the submission.

So effectively the appeal to the VTS is the written notice to the Billing Authority in terms of how we have to deal with the appeal although this is not clear in the Consolidated Practice Note April 2024.

I assume that the VTS will then read the full submission and accept the appeal as duly made in accordance with S.16 as the Billing Authority engages with the appellant for a very quick turn around and having had a full submission, why would they not then wish to decide on it.

The online guidance and appeal form is still requiring a written notice to have been made.

No details on the procedures for late appeals are clear.