Reply To: VTS URGENT -Change to evidence disclosure process with effect from 1 April 2024

mark beale

Feedback or should I say clarification is that if the LA believes that s.16 has not been satisfied we can e-mail the VTS within the 4 weeks (with supporting documents) but if VTS accept the appeal anyway then we only have the 4 weeks.

I get the impression this has been brought in to answer those LA’s that in their decision letters advised customers straight away that they could appeal to the VTS. Our authority has never done that and advises about a notice being required but now we are caught up in the VTS solution.

I agree with you on the shortened submission but their consolidated practice April 2024 makes it obvious that after the 4 weeks no further evidence or submission other than a re-buttal will be accepted. I guess I await the next one and see what I can send to say no S.16 Notice received and how quickly and what response I get.

Late Appeals I missed was in PS1 so looks like the procedures remain the same.