Reply To: Severe Disability premium


Hello – No.

Schedule 3 – Applicable amounts. Paragraph 6 – Severe Disability Premium.

Sub-Paragraph 2 (b) – in the case of a claimant who has a partner.

Both have to receive a listed disability benefit – of which you’ve said only the claimant does in Attendance Allowance; and there cannot be a non-dependant resident – unless they too receive one of the listed disability benefits; and no-one can be entitled to and receiving Carers Allowance or UC Carer Element.

Unless (always an unless) the partner, who isn’t receiving a listed disability benefit is blind or treated as blind (as determined in sub-paragraphs 3 & 4).

If both were receiving a listed disability benefit and one had UE to Carers Allowance they they could still have the premium because they would need to be entitled to and in receipt of it – they are only entitled to it. But as only one is receiving the disability benefit then they don’t qualify for the premium.