Reply To: Sean Moses CIC (Exempt Accom)


“My concern would be that given the company set up (number of staff and area covered), they would not be able to offer the same level of support across the board.”

“Sean Moses accepted that the level of document keeping was poor and disorganised and that some of the information that had been given in response to my initial enquires was “what they thought I wanted to hear””

That is SM to a “T”………… I can’t mention the name of the representative but I know it is the same (My judge actually has issues with my particular claimant and where the duty of care falls with this arrangement).

I am aware they have won quite a few cases on the “de minimis” issue but I am still hoping and will update on the appeal.

Well, I live in hope.

The appeal has been struck out, after directions were issued a couple of months back and no response received, it may not stop here as all the surrounding LAs lost all their appeals on the same thing. I don’t think I got lucky with the judge hearing the case either, he asked some questions that had not occurred to me, I am definitely keeping those in mind.