Reply To: Managed Migration to UC

Peter Barker

Using terms like effective date and UC interest date makes this way more complicated than it needs to be. The rules are pretty simple:

– If the claimant makes a claim for UC before the managed migration deadline, there is nothing special about managed migration and HB terminates as it would in a natural migration case, two weeks after the date of the UC claim

– If the deadline is missed and UC has not been claimed, HB terminates two weeks after the deadline. If the claimant then claims UC within the next month (before the “final deadline”), UC is backdated to the original deadline and HB still terminates two weeks after the original deadline, so there is no need to make any further adjustment on the HB side

That means you need to know two dates: date of UC claim, and date of managed migration deadline. It would be helpful if the communications from DWP used those simple terms.

What on earth are “UC interest” and “effective date”?