Reply To: Commissioned provider replaced by relative


Hi Peter

Regarding your last paragraph I did have another landlord where the tenants were admitted to the accommodation to receive support from a particular care provider. However, they had the right to change the provider which some did. I ended up deciding to continue treating them as living in specified accommodation on the basis that the accommodation was still adapted, they were still disabled and they were still receiving professional care. It seemed the fairest way to interpret the regulation.

However, I believe there have been other cases where it has been decided not to treat a landlord as providing specified accommodation because, for instance, the staff providing support were volunteers without any professional qualifications. That may or may not apply to the parent in this case, but in any case I wouldn’t want to tell a parent that they aren’t qualified to provide support for their child. I am thinking that maybe my decision should depend on what support the original carer was providing, why the commissioned support stopped and what care, support or supervison the parent is now providing?