Reply To: Housing Proactive

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We have a HA within our district who use Housing Proactive in their properties which we deemed as eligible. However, they are subsidising their tenants who are not on Housing Benefit to cover the charge. The charge is only made to those tenants who have HB payments direct. Those who get HB but receive it themselves, are receiving the subsidy and anyone not in receipt of HB. Allegedly it is to protect tenants in these difficult times.
The HA say they have sought guidance from HB specialists who say this is all above board but isn’t it taking advantage of the HB scheme?
When asked, this is part of the response “We are simply trying to protect people in an equitable way with regards disposable income, and in a way that has no impact on the public purse”. Surely, this is having a direct impact on the public purse, isn’t it?
Any thoughts or advice welcome.