Reply To: CTR schemes with Fixed Periods

Julian Hobson

We do something similar as set out below:

Universal Credit income

All CTR awards where UC is in payment will be fixed for 3 months. This will support effective administration of the scheme and also means customers do not need to report minor income changes during this period. However, their CTR award will be reviewed within this period if either;

o The customer moves;
o The customer dies;
o A partner leaves/joins the household;
o The customer moves into or out of work

This means that when, for a UC customer, we are notified of a change to the amount of their UC award, we will either:

1. Take no action, if the change is not one of the specific type of changes mentioned above, and the current CTR award has been in payment for less than 3 months.


2. Review the CTR award from the UC change date, if the current CTR award has been in payment for more than 3 months or if the change type is one of those specified above.