Reply To: exempt vs managed


Where a landlord encourages residents to stay engaged with other services in the examples that you refer to would this be considered personal support rather than housing/property related and therefore should the cost of the % of support staff time be identified and treated as an ineligible CSS charge.

Exactly right.

As Peter said it would appear they may be exempt but these days I am just getting more and more wary so ask for as much details, facts and evidence as much as I can.

I have one provider that says they depend on HB to provide the funding for these, for some reason some LAs have accepted them as exempt accommodation (I have to say I do not know the exact facts/details of those cases in other LAs so can’t really make any kind of legitimate comment on that) but they appear not to have any stream of funding from anywhere else. Some of the claimants have some form of support from elsewhere, It is a not for profit landlord and was being represented by a very knowledgeable and experienced company (I can’t name them) in deliberations before an appeal was lodged (L/L representing the claimants) so they seem to be very assured.