Reply To: Council tax benefit / discount appeal


is there a CTB overpayment? CTB ended i 2013 and we all got our own individual, beautifully crafted reduction schemes.

Reductions are overpaid – ther are removed r reduced which puts the liability back to what it was – the installments are higher becuase thees less time to repay.
but its not an overpayment

Your scheme is unlikely to say what happens to an overpayment – because they dont exist – you’re more likely to need the change in circs rules – that say if something happens, when it takes effect from.

ie – ctax bill £1200 a year – in April 23, customer on full UC with no earnings tapers – ctax reduction is 100% of the liability . so bill is issued advising nothing to pay….
IN late September 2023, we are advised customer actually started work, and uc award from on 15 August now includes earnings and UC reduce.
We add the new earnings and they take effect from Mon 21 August – and income too high to now receive an income based reeduction.
Theres no overpayment, because theres been nothing paid – we are simply removing a reduction that no longer applies – the amount needed to pay is still based on the £1200 a year liability.