Reply To: Reduced verification of a bank account


OK Peter. Excuse my clumsy terminology. To clarify:

No she’s she is not on pension credit

We made a request for further information which involved filling in a review form and providing current evidence to support her claim. She did not respond. Her claim was suspended and notified of the suspension. She did not respond. Her claim was then terminated in accordance with the HB Regs. She has not appealed against that decision. Since then her landlords have approached us and she has been visited. She has unreasonably refused to co-operate with her support worker and our visiting officer when they attempted to get the review completed (in fact she became very aggressive with them when they tried to resolve the issue).

The original balance in the bank account was never verified in the first place so yes, there is a significant possibility that there is more than £16k in the account. There may have been more than £16k in there in 2021 but we have no way of knowing as we are just taking the information declared by the social worker (who has now left the authority and we cannot trace where he got this information from).