Reply To: Reduced verification of a bank account

Peter Barker

Well that’s fair enough then: you have a decision in place terminating HB and it has not been appealed. You could revise that decision if you were persuaded that “any time” grounds for revision had been made out, such as an official error (but no reason to think there has been an official error). You don’t need an application for revision from the claimant, you can do it on your own initiative … but only if there are grounds to revise. Even if you were generous and took the view that there was some procedural irregularity in the way you went about the termination, thereby justifying an any-time revision on the official error ground, you would still have the substantive question as to exactly how much capital she has.

So I would tend to agree that there isn’t a basis on which to revise the termination decision as things stand.