Reply To: Claimant and partner separate; claimant moves to new addres


– theres no such thing as a joint claim for HB – 1 person is the claimant and 1 is the partner.
It is the claimant’s claim alone. The partner is just part of the household.
So your claimant )(mrs) has had a change in circs and moved and her claim is ticketyboo

So Mr needs to make a new claim for HB – which he can’t do unless he’s a pensioner, or living in temp/supported accommodation – if he’s working age and in a bog standard tenancy, then he needs to claim UC for help with his housing costs.
If he is a pensioner, they get the 3 months auto back date anyway
If working age and in temp/supported housing and therefore eligible for HB, then a claim made within a month of separation is treated as being made on the date the separation happened

HB wise, i dont think you can use the 1st week yes in this scenario – he hasnt got anew liability for rent . – his joint tenant left so his % of the liability changed.

He can, of course, make a new claim for CTR at the address
What income does he have?

if he is on UC **many** local schemes allow a claim for CTR made within a month of a UC claim to be linked.
Again, think the first week yes is a bit of a stretch – but maybe your scheme also has the claim made within a month of separation caveat? or a backdate?