Reply To: Advance HB Claim


Hello, thank you very much for your response and for the heads up on the 17 weeks – I had considered that initially, but concluded that as they are currently WA then the 13 week WA advance claim provision would still apply.

So, just to check then – you are logging the HB claim on as an advance claim at the outset e.g. WA client currently IRO UC and CTR, HB advance claim rec’d today (16/05/24) but client will reach SPA on 07/08/2024. The claim is treated as made on 07/08/2024, logged on to the system from 12/08/2024 at the outset. The officer pends the claim until a date close to the 07/08/2024 and then writes out for the pension aged income if not already received by that point. Have I understood that correctly?