Reply To: CTR schemes with Fixed Periods


Sorry John, only just seen your post:

A When a person has their income calculated under the provisions of Section 3, the authority may use either;
i An average income amount calculated using previous income or,
ii An estimate of how much income will be received in the future.
B When income is calculated in accordance with paragraph 1 the authority may;
i revise the average,
ii revise its estimate or
iii use the income figure calculated in accordance with Section 3
at any time.
C When income is calculated under the provisions of paragraph 1 or, as the case may be, recalculated under the provisions of paragraph 2 (i) or (ii), the income amount shall be used for no longer than six months.

Section 3 basically sets out that we use U.C. figures for income purposes (although we retain a discretion not to do so).

We will always recalculate if asked to do so by an applicant and usually do if we com across a ‘significant’ change