Reply To: Discount CTR Schemes


I think at one point the Basildon scheme was being put forward (I wont say by who) as an example of a simple scheme whereby a customer (or claimant if you prefer) completes an online application form. That form is ‘consumed’ automatically by the back office processing system, on the council tax side, and auto-awards a certain % discount.

But looking at the CTR info on the Basildon website, the scheme sure does look like a ‘standard’ banded discount scheme.

Maybe the scheme was once simple, but is now not so simple. Or perhaps it was previously ‘over optimistically’ described. Not dissing Basildon here, just reporting my experience (albeit this was a good few years ago). There must surely be a scheme out there as simple as: ‘your income is £xx, that gives you yy% off your annual liability’. Perhaps there isn’t as nobody else has replied to this thread. Or perhaps there is, but they ain’t hbinfo subscribers!!!