Reply To: Genuine Liability – sham agreement


Hi John,

Thank you for your response. I am happy we have enough with non commerciality to be honest – she had the keys since June but the tenancy didn’t start until she ended her council tenancy. Proof that electric is in her name is not dated until 30/10/23 stating ‘welcome to your new home’, the tenancy started on 18/08/23.

We do have a gas safety certificate but that is dated October, after we had asked for one. Also, the address for the landlord on that is given as the property address. Wasn’t aware of the Right to Rent checks tbh, there isn’t a mortgage and we didn’t ask about landlord insurance. Thank you for those points.

Do you have any thoughts on Reg 8? It always confuses me a little, does the face that one of the terms stated is never going to be adhered to make it a sham?