Reply To: Concierge or Supervision?

Leonard Payne

For what it’s worth, I have never seen call logs used as evidence for the night concierge charge.

The usual approach is to consider how much of the night hours are ‘support’, and therefore non-allowable and what are housing related activities. If you want to knock yourself out then you can ask for a spreadsheet of the hours spent but you might end up being charged for such management activity.

A more creative way forward might be to discuss with the provider how much is support. In my case, it ranged from 2% on one night to 50% on a bad night and so we agreed on a reasonable 15% for support costs, and this figure is deducted from the overall concierge charge.

As an additional thought, there might well be elements of ‘supervision’ and such elements of just being there because of the nature of the client base, would be akin to Health and Safety and would be allowable under 1.1(g)

I guess the way forward might be to engage with the provider to agree on a reasonable deduction.