Reply To: Capital and UCDS files


I have questions…..

I understand that the income assessment for UC has applied tariff income but this in only as result of the capital, it is not an income as earnings are an income. The effect is to reduce the UC award, which will increase the CTR award if we don’t also apply the capital to produce our own tariff income where their earnings / UIB are over the UC max.

Surely having capital over £6k should not have the effect of increasing CTR?

Or are you saying we would apply a separate income for tariff income? Applying the capital will do this for us. We don’t receive information about tariff income – we receive information about capital (and it is applied to the claim by atlas) when there are significant changes. We’d need to remove the capital and apply tariff income as a separate income, but only to achieve the same effect.

The DWP income data we receive is for earnings and/or unearned income and benefits, but not tariff income.

Why would the default scheme say we MUST USE the capital they have used if we are not supposed to do this? The tariff income rules in the default scheme apply to all claimants, there is not distinction between UC / non UC.