Reply To: A really simple Saving Credit query


Any other thoughts on this?
Our HB software (IBS) uses a 6th Oct start date for PenCred.

If (as Peter suggests) the two changes rule cannot be used to pin the payment at the 6th, then what is the answer? I have looked exhaustively at the regs, circulars, guidance and cannot find anything which gives special treatment to a new award of Pension Credit.

Reg 68 was specially amended to take account of TAX creds and give a start date of 6th April. What about PenCreds?

Another thought is that 68B is not tailor made for this situation because the opening para says:

[color=darkred:0457bd188c]”Paragraphs (2) to (8 ) apply where –
(a) the claimant is also [b:0457bd188c]on state pension credit[/b:0457bd188c];
(b) the amount of state pension credit awarded to him [b:0457bd188c]is changed [/b:0457bd188c]in consequence of a change in the claimant’s circumstances or the correction of an official error; and
(c) the [b:0457bd188c]change[/b:0457bd188c] in the amount of state pension credit payable to the claimant results in a change in the rate of housing benefit payable to the claimant.”[/color:0457bd188c]

My reading of this is that is does not cover a new award – just a changed award. Admittedly paras 5 and 6 seem to talk about a new award, but read together with the opening section it can’t mean that – unless the reg is badly written.

Anyway – don’t worry, the DWP says that Pension Credits are simple to claim AND administer. 😉