Reply To: A10/2017

chris harvey

The DWP say this every year. It's important because elements of SRP are uprated by different values so you cannot uprate by % accurately. The customer is unlikely to tell you, what we do (and I believe most authorities do this) is to check CIS and get the uprated value that way. It's a bit time consuming but at least the new year awards for pensioners are accurate.

The DWP were planning to send the uprated SRP values through Atlas but have never managed to get the software sorted out to do it. They do send State Pension Credit uprating by atlas which have the SRP values.

Since April 16 new pensioners are awarded the new State Pension which is a flat rate and can be uprated by % successfully (its 3.0% from April 18). We put the new state pensdions on a different income code to the old SRP cases so we can uprate by % for this code.