Reply To: A18 2005 & A8 2006 Council Tenant Change of Address


I’m sorry for being thick but can you clarify your point:
“When the tenant moves mid week there is no liability at the new address. This therefore stops entitlement. ”
I can see what you mean about no entitlement at the new address but how does moving out mid week at the old address stop entitlement there? To go back to my previous point, if HB entitlement is for the week, the fact that the HB is only paying for 3/7 (or whatever) doesn’t alter the fact that the tenant remains entitled to HB for the whole of that week- albeit only at 3/7 and not at 7/7. In otherwords its a payment issue not an entitlement issue. Tenant stays entitled to the end of the week.
I know this means tenant losing some HB but I can’t see how it can be interpreted any other way. ????? 😕
I don’t think the part of the reg you quoted about “when a change of circumstance causes an end of entitlement” refers to this sort of situation (moving home mid week) at all- more to do with say winning the lottery or something else that would stop entitlement altogether.
Please tell me where I’m going wrong (or right???)