Reply To: A18 2005 & A8 2006 Council Tenant Change of Address


I too think we should be looking at a weekly award of HB in every case even though, as Glenys says, the amount of benefit might not reflect a full week’s rent.

But as I said earlier in the thread, surely this is a case where Reg 7(7) would apply on the old home for the rest of the week? How on earth does the claimant avoid that week’s liability? They cannot, unless the Council waives it, in which 3/7 or whatever would be quite appropriate.

If you look at para (9) of Reg 79 as a freestanding provision, and not just a qualification of para (8), this approach works because it means that para (9) can apply without entitlement coming to an end.

I think this is the best way to deal with such cases: Reg 7(7) backed up by Reg 79(9), having effect somewhat counter-intuitively as a change of circs during a continuing award (as distinct from the end of entitlement).