Reply To: A18 2005 & A8 2006 Council Tenant Change of Address


sorry- I’m still confused.
I agree that any interpretation which allows the claimant to have £ to cover their rent is correct, but what I can’t get my head round is this:
you say:
“That change causes an end to entitlement as there is no liability.”.
I don’t see why liability ends. The tenant would still be liable for the full rent to the end of the week. So if liability doesn’t end, entitlement doesn’t end.
Does it come down to the argument (used previously in discussions re the FAQ’s in A8 about a fresh claim also being paid from the date of move- which I also disagree with!)- that liability is inextricaby linked with occupation? I prefer Peter Barker’s view that they are 2 separate concepts. Therefore the fact that (in this scenario) the tenant has physically moved out of the property doesn’t end his liability.
Sorry to keep going on- have to get it sorted in my head!