Reply To: AIF Savings Credit Problem

Darren Tompkins

We’re having the same problem. The Pension Service asked us not to ring them in the first week so we planned to fax requests for a breakdown of the AIF. We’re now been told to wait for the scan disk on 23OCT03!!

We want to input SC from the date we receive the breakdown of the AIF, hence creating no overpayment, but the regs seem to indicate that because we have the SC figure already it would have to be input now and create an overpayment. But how can we input the SC amount when we don’t know the AIF?

Surely, the whole idea was not to create pensioner overpayments but the DWP obviously expected everything to run smoothly, and not made a provision for when we get half the info, but not all.

Anyone any ideas yet, or a contact in the DWP whom we can contact for clarification