Reply To: Amended CTR schemes for UC

jane mcmanus

In our Leeds scheme we have included a provision where officers have discretion whether to act on the new UCSOS and to redetermine the CTS based on the new earnings or to wait until the next UCSOS to see if it was a blip or whether there is a new regular level of earnings. It means that when the income in the UCSOS changes slightly the assessor can decide not to make a revision at that time.

The idea is to determine the average earnings (like we always used to) and only change it if there is an actual change such as a change in hours or a pay, and not have to make chage because its a 5 week month etc.

Changes in the UC elements and deduction, other benefits and the make of the household dont affect the CTS award so we only need to look at changes in earnings and occasionally unearned income that is not a benefit.

Our UC based caseload is still really small (just over 1000 cases) and only about 20% are in work so were learning as we go, but no changes are planned now until April 19 at the earliest.