Reply To: Amendment 10 on it’s way



£3731.66 is the total revised award for the year i.e. 06/04/03 to 05/04/04. The award for the relevant periods was apportioned by the IR as stated in the original post. I have merely calculated a weekly figure from the information given but ignored the arrears that were payable for the period 23/04/03 to 24/07/03. In other words £38.08 was used in the HB/CTB calculation until 28/07/03 based on the original award of £1991.04. This amount was then increased to £76.16 per week from 28/07/03, even though this amount would have been paid from 23/04/03 had the IR been notified earlier. Due to the delay, it was paid as a lump sum for the period. I can’t see how I have spread the backdated amount over the period after the award letter. If its any help the arrears that were due for the period 23/04/03 to 23/07/03 (inclusive) was £1006.96.

Hope this helps.