Reply To: Amendment 10 on it’s way


Does anyone have any news about this amendment and what tax credit issues it is likely to deal with. I have had a case passed to me today that is not only an advantageous change but also the payment of arrears are being made via ongoing instalments. The award notice doesn’t offer much help without guidance on how to decipher it and it has taken me 4 phone calls to IR to get the info I need. It has taken me two hours to get the info and I still can’t assess the claim. 👿 😡

Could I have anyone’s views on this just for clarification:

Applicant has a baby on 25/12/02 but does not notify the IR until 22/07/03. Additional child element and baby element is added to the award from 23/04/03. The initial award notice was issued on 07/04/03 giving CTC award of £1991.04. Amended CTC award notice issued on 24/07/03 giving award of £3731.66. The award has been broken down as follows:

06/04/03 to 22/04/03 £92.48 (17 days)
23/04/03 to 21/12/03 £2643.84 (243 days)
22/12/02 to 05/04/04 £995.35 (106 days)

In the HB/CTB calculation am I right in using the following figures:

£38.08 per week 07/04/03 to 28/07/03 (Monday following date on revised award notice) with additional amount due from 23/04/03 to 24/07/03 being disregarded capital

£76.16 per week 28/07/03 to 29/12/03
£65.73 per week 29/12/03 to 05/04/04

Any views/comments would be greatly appreciated.