Reply To: Amendment 9 – Oh what fun!


Wasn’t “all that stuff about payment cycles” more to do with [b:9fe97fff97]predicted changes [/b:9fe97fff97]in the award?

(just askin’)

Whilst we are boggling each other’s minds – how about this one:

Section 12 – Points to Remember says

“for the remainder of the 2003/4 tax year(using a Sunday to Saturday calendar week) when a change in the amount of Tax Credit occurs, or a new award is made, the relevant day of the week you should use to decide when the change of circumstances should take effect is the Sunday of the week of payment”

i.e. Award notice dated June 4th, entered onto system with date Sunday June 1st, taking effect on Monday 2nd June.

That method is about as fashionable as shell suits now – right?