Reply To: Amendment 9 – Oh what fun!


Well Peter, now that we’re onto 2 pages I wonder what other “guidance” will be offered.

Example 3 of the Aide Memoir has been taxing (sorry about the pun) me all afternoon. It contains a scenario that is not in Amendment 9 – i.e. awards made after 6th April where the start date of the award is before the date the award is made but no arrears are payable because the first payment made is “on time”.

This “on time” business is clearly related to the fact that the payments are 4-weekly and the first payment is made within 4 weeks of the start date of the award. What they seem to have missed is that if this was a combined WTC and CTC award the CTC would very likely be paid weekly. Therefore, the first payment of that would NOT be on time. So – this means that not only would there be some CTC payment “of arrears” (a day or so’s worth), but that this would mean that the CTC gets taken into account in HB/CTB from a different date than the WTC! What’s more, the period to average it over would also be different because they would want us to use the date of the award notice to 5/4/04 for the CTC but start date of the award to 5/4/04 for the WTC.

Peter De Lamothe suggested earlier that this couldn’t get any worse but I think it just did.