Reply To: Amendment 9 – Oh what fun!


Here is another real life case that Amendment 9 does not address:

A claimant brought in her NTC award letters. One was dated 05 May 2003 & the other dated 23 May 2003.

On both letters the annual award was for CTC £3436.76 & WTC £3026.82. So no problem there!

However on page three this is where the fun really started:

On the 5 May letter for CTC the First Payment was £234.75.

Then further payments of £266.86 then £266.83 every 4 weeks.

For WTC: a first payment of £206.75
then further payments of £115.78.

Then the letter dated 23 May 03

CTC: first payment £159.63 followed by payments of £253.53 every 4weeks.

WTC: first payment £24.81 followed by payments of £243.68 every 4 weeks.

So use the examples in Amendment 9 (rightly or wrongly) the difference in the claimant’s income is considerably.

5 May: CTC £66.50 WTC £58.59
23 May: CTC £71.89 WTC £65.87.

And is the effective date 12 May or 26 May!!!

So I phoned the help line & the only useful advice that they could give me was to divide the annual awards by 366 day x 7!

Which award notice do we use? What amounts do we use? Which effective date? Any body got any ideas.:7: