Reply To: Anniversary Dates


I’m busy crossing out great chunks of the LHA GM before some poor unsuspecting assessor gets their hands on it. Has there been any word from DWP on this particular issue yet?

Also (probably just me) but DMA 8(15) reads as though the effective date for applying the anniversary LHA rate is determined by when we make the decision. Surely this cannot be right, but I can’t get my head around the wording.

[quote:b399ec07df]” (15) A decision to which regulation 7A(2) applies shall take effect from the first day of the benefit week in which the [u:b399ec07df][b:b399ec07df]determination [/b:b399ec07df][/u:b399ec07df]in accordance with regulation 13C of the Housing Benefit Regulations or regulation 13C of the Housing Benefit (State Pension Credit) Regulations (when maximum rent (LHA) is to be determined) [u:b399ec07df][b:b399ec07df]was made[/b:b399ec07df][/u:b399ec07df].”.[/quote:b399ec07df] (my emphasis).