Reply To: Anniversary Dates


I have got several enquiries on the issue of effective dates for LHA determined cases outstanding with the DWP.

I have had a “holding call” to say that the issues are still with the DWP Solicitors, but nothing more as yet.

I agree with your interpretation that Reg 8 (15) does refer to the date the determination was made. This is actually further complicated by the fact that Regulation 13C (to which 8 (15) refers) concerns the “notification” of relevant changes, rather than to the change itself.

Obviously for changes for which a notification is required (i.e. change of dwelling) you cannot make a determination until you receive the notification.

Some other changes (i.e. a child reaching 10 or 16) are not required to be notified under the HB Regulations, but could affect the room allocation.

There’s still quite alot to be considered by the DWP for these Regulations to work properly, in my opinion.