Reply To: Appeal about the date CTC included as income for HB.


I agree with the need to amend from 7/4/03. However, can I play Devils Advocate on the calculation of arrears and amendment dates:

Section 4 of Amendment 8 to “the guide” has some examples of when claims should be amended and how overpayments should be dealt with. But…

Case 3, example 2, finishes with the statement that “the overpayment will only arise from the first week of the current 4-week period”. Therefore, where a 4 weekly payment is made w/c 28/4/03, the HB/CTB would be amended from 7/4/03. It would then follow that where a 4 weekly payment is made w/c 26/5/03, the HB/CTB is amended from 5/5/03 with any tax credit award made for the period 7/4/03-4/5/03 being treated as capital.


Case 4 describes a customer who claims NTC 1/5/03, has it backdated to 6/4/03 and is notified on 15/5/03 of the award. This example states that the HB/CTB overpayment only arises from the date of award and that arrears are calculated from 6/4/03 to the day before the date of the award.

So which is right? The start of the most recent payment period or the Monday following the date of the award letter. Or am I missing something here…?:15: