Reply To: appeal recovery of overpayment – LA error


Sorry, no CD’s but one question.

I can understand case 1 going to tribunal but case 2 seems to be on a “hiding to nothing” basis. How detailed are your notifs? The question of could she reasonably be expected to be aware of the OP has to be addressed and I can see that your appellant could well satisfy the Tribunal Chair that they did not realise that you had made an error.

The fact that you are preparing a submission indicates that you show all dependant’s incomes as well as the claimant’s. If that isn’t the case and the only incomes shown are the claimant’s I can see that case 2 will unravel and you would, in all likelihood, lose the tribunal.

Just an observation and no criticism intended.

Do I know what I'm doing? The jury's out on that........................