Reply To: Appeals by Email

Chris Cook

Entered in error.
The HB and CTB (Electronic Communications) (HB and CTB) Order 2006.
Comments required by DWP by 1/10/06.

The DWP proposes to enable HB & CTB claims and changes of circumstances notifications to be made by telephone or electronically, with or without a signature, through statutory instruments.

I would be interested to hear practitioners views on the above.
It would seem that each LA can set up its own arrangements under the proposed legislation, via an internal signed direction signed by the Chief Executive to e-enable its HB Administration.

Just imagine, potentially a further 408 ways of making electronic claims/electronic changes of circumstances, electronic notifications, electronic signatures/no signatures etc.
This really aids simplification!

I would be grateful for any views on this.
Fors and againsts.
Benefits managers jumping for joy 😀 , fraud teams in despair 😥 ?

Chris Cook
Senior Audit and Fraud Investigation Officer