Reply To: Appeals presentation training


I emailed LASA about the 2 day course as detailed below

“I am interested in attending the above course. However, I am not sure at what level the course is pitched. I would appreicate it if you would provide contact details of a few people who have attended previous courses, preferably someone who presents HB/CTB tribunal cases.”

A representative rang and basically the course is not set up for people who will be presenting cases to tribunal on behalf of the LA. According to the LASA representative HB/CTB presenting officers are seen to be working in collusion with TAS. The course is pitched towards voluntary groups and how they can best represent their clients at appeal hearing.

I was told that the course wouldn’t be for me – not welcome because I would be arguing the opposite to most of the people who attend the course. I thought the whole point of an independent tribunal was to make sure a just decision was made. What an US and THEM attitude!!

Does anyone out there know of another company? LASA is obviously not for LA’s dealing with HB/CTB appeals.

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