Reply To: Appeals presentation training


I must admit that I am very suprised at LASA’s “new” approach to training HB Officers; having worked with them on training for London LA’s. But then one of the main reasons for setting up this BB was that LASA’s own (generally excellent) site does not really encourage a wide range of views.

Try the Child Poverty Action Group website at
for details of their courses. They offer a range of seminars including presenting at Commissioners which I can personally recommend. Most delegates, naturally, are from welfare organisations but do not let that put you off. Firstly, any quality trainer will want to encourage a range of opinions and experience. Secondly, staff do move between LA’s and voluntary agencies. I would argue that the more LA’s know, the better their decisions are for the customer. Of course a rep will try to put over their best case even if they have little to go on and sometimes this means trying to confuse the issue. They have a job to do too.

The fact that I will put across a case why a person is not entitled to HB does not stop me supporting CPAG as a member or more directly as a speaker at their events. LASA’s position is disappointing.