Reply To: Benefit period extensions

Julian Hobson

I stand to be corrected but don’t confuse entitlement to Pension Credit with abolition of BP’s for pensioners.

All PC age customers will have BP abolished unless they elect to stay on IS as opposed to moving to PC.

Don’t confuse IS with MIG all pensioner MIG customers will move to PC it is only those pensioners on IS at the moment who chose not to move to PC that will be treated as working age.

The upshot is that the majority 99.9% of pensioners will have benefit periods abolished and so yes it certainly is worthwhile.

Those issuing forms too early are likely to be issuing renewals for cases where the BP is due to end after 06/10/03 I would say that the transitory provisions do not apply to those cases and hence you don’t have a choice. You should not be issuing forms.

If I’m wrong l apologise I’m sure other members will let me know ?