Reply To: Break in entitlement


I would say that your example is not a break in entitlement. HB will run to the Sunday, where IS ends on the Wednesday. A new claim form is not necessary, as long as all the details of the change in circumstances are known. As long as all details of the change are notified within a calendar month of the date of the suspension, HB would continue without a break in entitlement.

If, on receipt of the notification of cessation of IS, the claim was suspended, and the customer then failed to provide the information within a calendar month, and the claim was then cancelled, the customer would then have to complete a new claim form. Then we would have to consider whether the claim form was received within a calendar month of the cancellation (do we re-open the claim without break, and therefore would it remain pre-LHA?) or is it a completely new claim, going from the Monday following receipt (definitely LHA).

Where IS ends on Wednesday, and reclaimed on the Friday, the change would not take effect until the following Monday, so while there would be a break in IS entitlement (which would change the HBRO qualification dates) , there wouldn’t be a break in HB.