Reply To: Break in entitlement


[quote=”Captain Jack Sparrow”]HB LHA Guidance Manual 1.55

Claimants will go onto LHA on the earlier of the receipt of
– a new claim

– relevant information regarding a new claim, i.e. CMS statement

– a notification of an existing claimant changing address

– [b]re-applications where there is a break in the claim of one week or more[/b]


Which suggests to me that as soon as there is a nil entitlement, a new claim is required, which moves people on to LHA. That is, a nil entitlement of HB, not of any other qualifying/passported benefit. Changes is IS/JSA/IB/PC etc are just changes in circumstances to HB, unless such a change results in the closure of the HB claim (such as an award of HBRO).

That’s a thought – so after the four week run-on, someone submits a claim within the time limits, so the claim would run straight after the HBRO ends – wouldn’t they migrate onto LHA as well? It [i]is[/i] a break in the claim, and it [i]does[/i] require the completion of a new claim form, so they should move onto LHA, yes?[/quote]