Reply To: Calendar monthly HB payments


I’m curious about this as well – say rent is £650 per month or £150 per week (nice and easy example). I would have thought that an authority offering monthly payments would have to pay according to the number of days in that month, ie
January (31 days) HB = 150 / 7 x31 = £664.28
February (29 days) HB = 150 / 7 x29 = £621.43

It seems this is the only way of actually paying the HB due, rather than underpaying or overpaying each month and hoping it all adds up at the end – which it certainly will not do if the claim ends before a whole year has passed.

If someone is entitled to £150 HB per week, how can you justify paying them £650 in a month with only has 4 weeks (eg Feb 2009)? For a worst case scenario, what happens if entitlement starts on 1 Feb and ends on 28 Feb? Would the £650 paid for that month have been properly paid or would there be a £50 overpayment?