Reply To: Change in rent and uprating.


Apologies for resurrecting this one.

From reading HBR 79, it states that when a change in circs occurs, it is effective from the Monday following (79(1)) – All OK so far.

And, when there is annual uprating, the effective dates are 1 April OR first Monday in April. – still OK.


If there are two changes in the same benefit week then 79 (4) says that all changes will take effect from the first day of the benefit week in which they occur.

So for example (i.e. income change 28 March, monthly rent liability)

Income change would be effective 2 April, annual uprating would be 1 April but Reg 79(4) is saying you take everything back to 26 March.

So how does that fit in with the Uprating coming into effect 1 April / First Monday? Could it be that we would be applying applicable amounts BEFORE they are effective?