Reply To: Change of Address


Here’s a scenario I came up with this morning …..
Pensioner on GC moves from one address to another address in the same district but does not tell us of the move until 6 weeks after the date he actually moves. At the first address he is getting max HB of £50 a week and max CTB of £10 a week. He moves to a bigger house where the max rent is £80 and the weekly CTax is £12.
By treating the move as a change of circs, we need to take into account the fact that he told us late, therefore we would accept he has moved but not increase his HB and CTB until the Monday following the date he told us of the change. Of course, in the case of private tenants, you are not going to necessarily know whether or not is an advantageous or disadvantageous change until you get a decision from the Rent Service (if a valid one doesn’t already exist).
From an IT point of view, are systems going to be geared up for an assessor to tell it to use a maximum rent figure which was made in respect of a different property for the first 6/7 week period at the new address? Are systems going to be able to ignore the actual weekly CTax charge for the first 6/7 weeks but instead look at what was the max CTB at the old address? I know this is going to cause a headache for our in house supplier!
I’ve said it before on this message board and I’ll say it again …. AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE SIMPLIFICATION???????????