Reply To: Change of Address

Julian Hobson

Currently in lengthy discussions with DWP about the effect of this and the question about what happens upon change of address is with BFI and Security divisions ! It is a can of worms.

It looks as thgough the only powers to end Pensioner claims will be in s130 and s131 of the Social Security Contributions and Benefits Act 1992 on the basis that the entitlement conditions cease to apply.

The problem with the change of address scenario is that the entitlement conditions are not necessarily extinguished (a liability still exists). BUT the big problem is how that then interacts with: duty to notify, effective dates of change, beneficial changes, withholding and terminating (DMA Regs), underlying entitlement, etc etc

I would expect that the effort being put into this and the complexity of what is likely to come out, will require some special missive from the adelphi.

I’ll keep you posted.