Reply To: Change of Address


A further reply from the Housing Support division


Your message to Jo Wood, sent 15 September, refers.

The problem here seems to be the concept of how to deal with a claim when there is a change but there is no benefit period to end.
The removal of benefit periods makes no difference to the process you have always been following. Without benefit periods, when someone moves from one address to another in the LAs area, their claim stays open (this could happen even when there is a benefit period). However, the liability and hence the entitlement at the first address end when the claimant moves. So if you have paid HB either to the claimant or to the landlord, for any period after the claimant has moved from the first address, that is an overpayment which you could recover from either the landlord or the claimant, depending on who you paid it to in the first place.
If the claimant has told you they they have moved, but not where to, you
should terminate the claim. If you have found out about the move from a
source other than the claimant and there is douubt, you should consider
suspension whilst you do your own checking.
If the claimant re-appears within a month and it transpires that he moved
within the LA then, regardless of why he didn’t provide this information
earlier, the decision to terminate can be revised. The rate you pay will be
based on the rent for the new address If the re-appearance was later than one month you would need to consider special circumstances. If there were none, a new claim would be required. Of course, backdating could be considered but if there were no special circumstances there is unlikely to be continuous good cause.
Hope this helps