Reply To: Change of address…..again!


I know I’m joining the party late, but can anyone comment on this.
If a customers’ rent or council tax decreases as a result of their move. we intend to treat it as a non beneficial change. As far as we are aware, there is no time limit on customers having to report this type of change. and so someone could tell us in October 04 that they had moved in October 03. As long as their HB at their new address was lower, we think we could pay them from October 03 at their new address, even though we had continued paying them at their original address.
On a connected point, we also originally thought that any overpayment at their first address maight be reduced by offset benefit from their new address, but the latest Overpayment Guidance manual says this should not be done.
Any thoughts on this matter would be helpful, as we are struggling to give our staff clear and meaningful instruction on what to do with this type of occurence, and which Regulations they might be using to do it!