Reply To: Change of circs


Closest I can get to their figures is:

1991.04 – 365.46 interim payment = 1625.58

Remaining award spread over 306 days = 37.19 pw
37.19 X 4 = 148.76 per 4 weeks (nearly 148.88 or 148.67!)

However, this way of working it out disregards the normal way of counting awards for those paid 4 weekly. It seems to have been calc’d using 1 weekly pay cycle method. (using 4 weekly method would lead to remaining award being taken into account using longer period – 315 days – so that would put the maths way out)

[b:36ac8e558a]Ignore the WTC [/b:36ac8e558a] – as it seems to have vanished up its own doo-dah.

Any known reason why WTC hs dropped out?