Reply To: Changes in circumstances


You can ask, but I don’t think the claimants are under any obligation to comply. In Reg 24 of the HB&CTB(SPC)Regs, the reporting duties of claimants who get Pension Credit are listed in new paragraphs (5) and (6) that will be inserted into HB Reg 75. If you get Guarantee Credit, you only have to report matters affecting rent, occupation and non-dependants. If you only get Savings Credit without any GC, you have to report those things and, additionally, any changes to non-AIF income plus if you are lucky enough to acquire capital in excess of the limit.

For the avoidance of doubt, a new paragraph (7) is added at the end of Reg 75 expressly stating that people on Pension Credit only to have the changes listed above.

So I think it will be difficult to operate a policy of routinely collecting additional change of circs information.